Because it’s beautiful, quaint, good nightlife, cool markets, loads of places to eat, loved the architecture and it’s surrounded by three volcanoes. Quite touristy, but I’m okay with that.

What did you do?

It’s a great little town for exploring on foot, so did plenty of meandering along it’s cobblestone streets.

Volcanoes as seen from Volcan Pacaya

Also, there’s another volcano, Pacaya, which is easily reachable from Antigua. It’s special because it’s very much an active volcano, it’s hot beneath your feet and it’s crazy to be in such close proximity to flowing lava.

Lasting memory?

A photo that I took from Volcan Pacaya of neighbouring volcanoes just as the sun was setting. Their silhouettes in the red sky was breath taking.


Lago de Atitlán


Beautiful villages to stay in around the gorgeous lake, each with it’s own personality, style and vibe.

What did you do?

Stayed in Panajachel, which was okay and the busiest of lakeside towns; San Pedro La Laguna, which

Lago de Atitlan. Sparkly!

was very nice and a bit quieter then ‘Pana’; and San Marcos La Laguna, which was the one I fell in love with. Easily the most relaxing place I’ve ever been, it has a chilled, hippy vibe and the hostel I stayed in had the best lake views as it was atop a hill. Like a pervert on a beach, I couldn’t stop staring.

Lasting memory?

Probably being in the shower, feeling a small earthquake beneath my feet and not knowing what it was. Don’t worry, no damage done.


Flores / Tikal


The Mayan ruins at Tikal are stunning. They are unique because they are essentially in the middle of a jungle. Also I happened to love the hostel and met some fabulous people there.

What did you do?

It is all about the Mayan ruins of Tikal which, as I said, consisted of temples which were 64 metres high in one particular case and blew me away.

Tikal Mayan ruins

Lasting memory?

Sitting on top of a TempleIV, the highest one there, and watching the sun rise above the jungle and other smaller ruins poking through dense greenery. Magic.


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