El Salvador


Perquin & El Mozote


Breath taking scenery high up in the mountains, find out from locals the history of these two villages. It’s utterly heartbreaking but a real must visit to find out about it’s role in the Salvadoran civil war during the 1980s and 1990s.

What did you do? 

The site where the remains of over 100 children were found

Visited the Museo de la Revolucion in Perquin and Cerro de Perquin; in El Mozote went to el Jardin de los Inocentes and was shown around the village by a local boy who told me of the day the Government carried out its massacre.

Lasting Memory?

Feeling completely overwhelmed with emotion when being shown the site of the mass grave in El Mozote. I will never forget it.


Parque Nacional de los Volcanos


Easily reachable by bus from the city of Santa Ana where I stayed, there are three volcanoes in the park. Makes for a great day trip and they are very climbable.

What did you do?

Climbed to the summit of Volcan Santa Ana for the best view I’ve ever had of a crater lake; ate my way around the market in Santa Ana; went out drinking to God knows where with the hostel owner and a bunch of guests. Good times.

Lasting Memory?

Looking out at the other volcanoes from the summit of Santa Ana. Sensational views.




It’s one of the mountain towns on La Ruta de las Flores and I loved it for it’s quiet, sleepy nature, it’s nearby waterfalls, it’s quirky cafes, restaurants and shops, and of course it’s famous, intimidatingly vast, weekly Feria Gastronimica – Food Fair.

Los Chorros de la Calera, Juayua

What did you do?

Indulged in all kinds of meat at the food fair to the point where I thought I might burst, walked to Los Chorros de la Calera which are a series of connected waterfalls, and soaked up the beautiful central plaza.

Lasting memory?

Dining out to the music of a local band whose instruments included guitars, panpipes, a flute, a drum and a ukulele.


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