Costa Rica


Santa Teresa


Great beach and great nightlife while not being built up (there’s not even proper roads through some of it) so for just having a chilled out, fun time it served the purpose perfectly.

The 'road' that stretches through Santa Teresa.

What did you do?

Pretty much just lay on the beach all day pausing only for drinks. Like I said, it served its purpose.

Lasting memory?

My first experience of howler monkeys as they swung in the trees outside my hostel. I don’t think I’ve ever heard such a loud, scary sound in my life.



San Jose (and surroundings)


It wasn’t the city itself that I found to be particularly special, though it did have some good, little sodas to eat in and some cool markets, in particular Mercado Central which I got lost in more than once.

What did you do?

Went to watch bullfighting in the suburb of Zapote, did a bungee jump off the Old Colorado River Bridge just out side the city, and visited the actively steaming Volcan Poas in Alajuela.

Bullfighting in Zapote

Lasting memory?

Walking around the city and seeing all the huge banks and cathedrals juxtaposed with absolute poverty in the form of beggars and people trying to sell all kinds of things from dolls and cups to clocks and bananas.


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