Chiang Mai


Beautiful city, great food (street and restaurant), amazing night markets where you buy can everything from fried crickets to jewellery and everything in between and picturesque temples.


What did you do?

Went on a three day trek and stayed in a tiny tribal village, stood under a waterfall, went bamboo rafting, elephant riding and even took part in a football match with the village kids.

Lasting memory?

Walking through one of the bustling markets one evening, the Thai national anthem started to play and everyone instantly stopped what they were doing and remained silent and still until it finished. Amazing.



The Bangkok – Chiang Mai night train.


It’s for these kind of experiences that I travel. Sleeping in a ‘pod’, with nothing but a thin curtain to block out the light, a tiny, rattling fan’s attempts to provide breeze, the sight of scuttling insects on the floor as you make your way to the bathroom which is nothing more than a hole.

Sitting in my 'pod' on the night train

What did you do?

Sleep partially, talk to other backpackers (a great pastime), people watch and soak up this totally different environment.

Lasting memory?

Waking up to the most glorious sunshine illuminating the fields that ran alongside the tracks.



Koh Phangan


We went to a few islands and had the best time on this one. It had the best beaches, best accommodation in full view of the ocean, the full moon party and was easy to find somewhere peaceful when just wanting to relax.

Koh Phangan sunset

What did you do?

Swung in hammocks, lay on pristine white sand, swam in crystal clear water, attended a full moon party, hired a jeep to explore the island.

Lasting memory?

The sunsets left me speechless and I couldn’t stop taking pictures.


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