Cameron Highlands


As the name suggests, it’s at altitude so while its cool climate also provides some welcome relief from the tenacious humidity of the rest of the country, the highlands are full of beauty, wildlife and colour.  The town of Tanah Ratah, where I stayed, is a slow-paced, very relaxing and lined with curry vendors that will make your taste buds beg for more.

Tortoise in Cameron Highlands

What did you do?

Visited the tea plantation for a guided tour (and sampled the finished product of course), took in the strawberry farm (including again more sampling), and went to the butterfly farm which was full of the craziest insects I’d ever seen.  Also visited a couple of temples.

Lasting memory?

Getting to meet and hold a tortoise. It was a strange experience and one I never imagined I’d have.



Taman Negara National Park


It is home to the oldest rainforest in the world, canopy walkways, bat caves and floating restaurants. I really enjoyed trekking through the forest – sans guide – while fighting off the leeches and trying not to get lost. Great fun.

Bat caves in Taman Negara

What did you do?

Trekked through the jungle in search of bat caves which were literally filled with bats. It was a real adventure to get there and quite surreal to be surrounded by our upside down friends. Also, walked the various canopy walkways throughout the forest, trekked up to lookout points, and ate dinner on the restaurants that float on the Tembeling river. Very scenic.

Lasting memory?

It has to be of the trek through the jungle to the bat cave entrance, looking down at my feet every few minutes to see a different leech attached to my skin.


Kuala Lumpur


I like cities and I liked KL for many reasons. There array of foods on offer, the markets, the shopping centres, landmarks such as the Petronas Towers, the Malaysian capital had it all. It was nice to wander around and had some cool parks also.

The KL Tower

What did you do?

Went up the KL Tower and the Petronas Towers for some breath taking views of the city, visited Desa Water Park just outside the city, ate a lot of different curries which never disappointed, and sampled a few bars (that also happened to be good for watching English football).

Lasting memory?

Trying a different curry every night and being surprised at how much of a culinary delight each and every one offered.


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