Well, South-East Asia mostly.

On one trip I spent four weeks in Thailand, three weeks in Malaysia and about four days in Singapore. Being from the UK, the humidity was not something I was used to and, to be honest, I don’t think my sweat glands ever acclimatised properly to the constant heat.

This is why to this day, whenever people talk about this region on the world I think one thing. Perspiration and humidity. (Alright, so two things).

Overall though, I loved my time there. To me, the more different a place is to home, the better the experience is likely to be and that certainly rang true for this part of the world.

Going slightly north of there and not having been to mainland China, Taiwan served as something of a taster. I was there for two weeks in many ways found it to be the most challenging place I’ve travelled.

I know, I know as a backpacker I’m supposed to love every country and embrace everything but having been to Taiwan, it has not elevated China in my bucket list. In fact, it’s not even in the top 10.

So by no means have I covered everywhere but in these pages you will find my personal top three highlights of each country.

Oh, and I’m absolutely prepared to be convinced otherwise with regard the whole China thing.




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